Over two thirds of blue badge misuse investigations are closed with a warning letter or with no further action

Investigations in 2018/19

Prosecutions in 2018/19

Warning Letters in 2018/19

Closed No Action in 2018/19


A Clear, Simple and Bespoke Blue Badge learning workshop offering a Certified Blue Badge Awareness Course 

The vision of Blue Badge Aware is to offer a full and remarkable solution to completely eliminate Blue Badge misuse by providing live online educational workshops for offenders of DFT’s Blue Badge Scheme

With 98% of offenders being non-blue badge holders, the aim of the workshop will be to educate the offenders by explaining to them how the blue badge scheme should be used.  The workshop will be a supplement to the 33 page blue booklet provided by DfT. 

Why Education is better than a Warning Letter

  • During the founders time as a Corporate Anti-Fraud Team (CAFT) investigator, a third year law student from the local university was interviewed. 
  • The student had displayed his sister’s child badge and was gaining a parking concession. Upon further checks, the student was interviewed under caution and subsequently admitted that it wasn’t his first time using the blue badge this way. The student genuinely thought it was okay to use the badge to drop his sister to school and then to use it to go to university
  • A warning letter was issued to the student and the matter was closed. Four months later the same student was found to be misusing the same badge on the same car. He was later prosecuted under Section 117 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984
  • During the IUC interview, the student genuinely thought it was okay to use that badge in that way and the complete rules of the blue badge scheme was not explained to him.


  • The problem with issuing a Warning Letter is that the individual is not held accountable that they have actually read the rules of the blue badge scheme.
  • The Blue Badge learning workshop was set up to genuinely educate offenders, highlighting the consequences for drivers who unintentionally misuse the blue badge.
  • From our experience, once someone has the rules explained to them, it would really make them stop and think twice before attempting to misuse the Blue Badge again.

Blue Badge Misuse in the News

What local government say about Blue Badge misuse

“People who mis-use badges to park in bays reserved for Blue Badge holders are selfishly taking spaces away from those who genuinely need them. They allow those in our communities who need them the most the opportunity to park close to services and amenities.”
Central Bedfordshire
Councillor Richard Wenham
Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Corporate Resources at Central Bedfordshire Council
“Blue Badges exist to allow people with a disability to access designated parking spaces which we provide close to amenities and services"
Durham County Council
Stephen Carter
Interim Chief Internal Auditor and Corporate Fraud Manager, Durham County Council

About Blue Badge Aware

Our Vision

We want to see Blue Badge Misuse completely eliminated by 2030

Zero Cost to investigators

We understand that local authorities have limited resources to investigate, enforce and educate offenders

Our Mission

Educate offenders of Blue Badge Misuse which includes the use of counterfeit badges

Disabled Parking Bays

We educate drivers who don't display a blue badge but still park in designated disabled bays

Education platform

We are leading the development on a Blue Badge education platform that would be freely available for all investigators

Our legal structure

Blue Badge Aware is the trading name of The Fraudaware Trust, registered charity number 119155 with the Charity Commission.

International symbol of Access



Access for Hearing Loss

Accessible Parking

Visually Impaired



Mental Health

“As an investigator with firsthand experience with blue badge investigations, I know that Blue Badge Misuse is a problem that urgently needs to be solved.” 

Amit Bansal

Founder & CEO Blue Badge Aware

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you suffer from anxiety, stress, or if you have mental health issues then you can apply for a Blue Badge.

You are automatically eligible for the Blue Badge if you score 10 points in the ‘planning and following journeys’ of your PIP assessment and were put in a category E

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If you use someone else’s disabled badge and that badge holder is not in the car with you, either as a passenger or driver, then you have committed blue badge misuse, and that is a criminal offence under the current legislation.

Under Section 117 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, it is a criminal offence to misuse the Blue Badge and if you are convicted then you may get a criminal record and a possible fine of £1000. The Blue Badge may also be withdrawn.

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How Blue Badges are misused by the badge holder:

1. Parking in the wrong place
2. Using a badge that is no longer valid
3. Using a badge that has been reported as lost or stolen
4. Letting another person use the badge
5. Using a copied badge
6. Altering the details on the badge
7. Making a fraudulent application
8. Continuing to use the badge when it is no longer needed

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If you’re not automatically eligible

You can still apply for a Blue Badge If you have long-term problems walking or going to places – including problems caused by stress, anxiety, or other mental health issues.

1. You can also apply for a Blue Badge if you are applying on behalf of a child aged over

2. who has problems walking or going to places, or a child under

3. who needs to be close to a vehicle because of a health condition

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